In 2011 I finished my yoga training at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, with the grade „very good“. I am fascinated by the holistic approach of the Sivananda tradition, that connects body and soul. Sivananda Yoga includes physical exercises (asanas), breathing techniques, meditation, spirituality and nutrition. I practice several times a week and offer free Yoga classes in the university.  When time allows I join classes at the Sivananda Studio in Schmiljanstrasse.

Since 2011 I also train with the „Weltraumjogger Berlin„, a great, family triathlon club in the southwest of Berlin. The Weltraumjogger have not only the largest Berlin triathlon youth department, but are also the organizer of the BerlinMan, which I did in 2014  finishing my first half triathlon. 2016 followed my first marathon, of course also in Berlin. Next starts are in August 2020 (BerlinMan) and September (Berlin Marathon).